The Hospital Pets


Stitch is a 4 year old, large, slow moving tabby cat that Dr Beth adopted as a kitten while working in TN. He was suffering from an infection and the owners couldn’t treat him and gave him to her. He likes to hide in random small spaces that he can’t really fit into and frequently surprises the staff as they open drawers and find him cat napping.


Smokey is our newest addition to the PVAH family. He is a beautiful stray that was found and brought to the hospital with a chronic leg injury that required surgical treatment. Dr Beth amputated Smokey’s leg and he now lives with the other creatures and despite being the smallest he is the most active interactive in the office. He spends his free time stalking the lizards and birds and stealing tape meant for catheter placement. He has an addiction to cat nip and is undergoing therapy currently for his issues.


Powell Valley Animal Hospital